Well.  This week was a true week of ups and downs in training.  I lost count of the number of times I used the F word in my TrainingPeaks post-workout notes.  I wish my emotions didn’t depend so much on having good workouts; but, lately, in the wake of #Eaglemanfail, I’ve been letting bad workouts get the best of me.  There were a couple of low points this week, so lets just get the crap out of the way:

  • Slowest run ever.  Like e.v.e.r.  Normally I’m not even capable of running like 9:15s unless its a run-walk.  But on Tuesday, I just couldn’t get faster than 9 minute miles…even on a downhill.  It was just so weird.  I came home and let loose a string of Fbombs in TrainingPeaks and felt as though the sky was falling.  Incidentally, the sky is not, in fact, falling.  A big part of this horrible run was the humidity. And let me tell you people, the summer is here in the south.  We’ve had such a mild spring/summer; I had forgotten how miserable the summer is.  I sweat so much that I lose 4-5 lbs every run, even with mid-run hydration.  In fact, my visor is so sweaty that it serves as an ideal doggy-salt lick.


  • Swims with dead arms.  My first two swims of the week were just rough.  You know that feeling when you just have nothing in your arms nd you can barely move.  That was what I had.  Sadly, I let that get the best of me when I got out of the pool part way through a workout.  I really need to work on sticking to my motto: Just do it, even if you suck.

But, in all of my bitching…I had a couple breakthroughs:

  •  A swim workout with 5X500m @ HIM pace on Saturday where I was about 20-25 seconds faster than when I did this workout two months ago.
  • I ACTUALLY DID A CORE WORKOUT. This seems like a silly breakthrough, but getting myself to do core work is like pulling teeth.  I have actually been feeling the effect of a weak core on my running speed (particularly during track workouts) and I know I need the core work.  It’s just…it sucks so bad.

And a couple of nice rides, one on the trainer with Scoutty-poo watching the team time trails of the Tour de France (btw, trainer + the tour = pure happiness).


And a ride that alternated between longhorns…



And rain.  Somehow yesterday, while I rode in the rain for two hours, I got sunburned.  WTF.  Not only was it raining, but I’m Greek.  I’m not supposed to burn!!! Darn you, faulty mediterranean skin!  My face when I realized TWC lied to me about 0% chance of rain:



Fortunately, after a rough start to the week, I ended the week on a high note (could also be the glass of wine I drank and the puppy kisses I got Sunday night while watching Despicable Me).

The week topped off with:

Week T-16 6/1/13 – 6/7/13

Swim 2:51 8743 yards
Bike 5:11 75 miles
Run 3:10 22 miles
Strength 1:10
Total: 12:22

Next week is a recovery/testing week and I’m actually *excited* to see where I am…at least with my swimming…I expect more of the same with bike and run.