I can’t believe that I’ve neglected to write this post.  I’ve tried but felt like what I wrote didn’t convey my level of excitement, so I did a lot of deleting.  Anyway, back in January, I saw that SOAS Racing was taking applications for their 2013 Team.  And, given my love for women’s sports and looking cute, I had to take the chance to apply.  After having read the bios from the ladies on the team last year, I really thought that there was NO WAY that I would get picked.  They were/are rockstars and I’m a little nobody.  But, I applied anyway.

And then back on February 15th (I was at a work related happy-hour and a few glasses of wine in), I found out that I got picked!!!!!


Now, don’t take my month delay in posting as any indication of my level of excitement.  I seriously looked like a goon for the rest of the happy-hour because of the size of the smile on my face.  Seriously.  I was a grinning fool.

There are so many reasons that I am honored to be a part of this team and excited to represent a company that makes the most comfortable and cutest tri suits!  But mostly, I am proud to represent a company started by two amazing female triathletes and to be a part of a wonderful group of ladies.  SOAS and Team SOAS are made up of a bunch amazingly strong women that I am proud to be associated with.

Since moving to Augusta, I’ve struggled to find female training partners.  The majority of my 2010 Ironman training was done almost exclusively with dudes….which is fine, except that I love having female training partners (the training chatter is just not the same…).  I’m so nerdily excited to get to know the other ladies and gain new female training partners…even if they are primarily virtual training partners! :)

So, yea, I’m thrilled to be a member of Team SOAS 2013!