Ok, so where did we leave off?  Oh yea…a mediocre 2010/2011 racing stretch.  But, we’ve been tinkering with my thyroid medication dosage (and by “we” I mean my doctor) and I’m really starting to get my mojo back (in spurts…I think…I’m afraid to jinx it.).  So–that begs the question: what will 2012 bring? Let’s see…these are the general goals for the 2012:
  1. Get some speed back and get a NYCM guaranteed entry time for a half-marathon (sub 1:37)
  2. Get to optimal racing weight (fortunately not too far off that…but could benefit from a cleaner diet and a little adjustment of body comp)
  3. See what I can do on the bike. (by far my best discipline, whowouldthunk…and I want to see what I can do in the cycling-only world)
  4. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up (ok, not so racing-ish, but I need to figure this one out…ideas anyone?  Jim tells me my offers to become a pro-triathlete may not roll in this year ;) and I know I have a law degree and a masters in psychology, but honestly, I wish I could do something in the health field with my RYT certification and running and local/clean eating.  But, that’s for another post.)

So, with those goals in mind, and trying not to overload myself with too much and too many different types of goals, I’ve made (what I think is) a pretty darn well planned 2012 racing schedge.  Nothing more longer than 13.1 or 70.3 and nothing too jammed together (and the fall to be filled out with some B/C races)

Oh and the beyond part…2013, a return to the IM…IMFL