…Very Bad Day.

Ok, the whole day wasn’t bad.  But the end of it was bad enough to probably be my worst day since starting this new job.  Or becoming a lawyer (save the day I got laid off, or…maybe including it).  I’ve read enough about what could happen to me if I talk about this stuff on the internet (see also, “evil unfair witch) and thus have been successfully scared into be cryptic to the point of nothing making sense.

But, let’s just say, I got my ass chewed out in open court twice in an hour for two things that I had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH.  I may have subsequently spent some time crying in the stairwell of the courthouse.  And, I don’t cry.   But, these were tears of rage for having such vitriol (seriously, only way to describe what was said) spewed forth at me for something that I didn’t do.  My supervisors know that, so it’s all ok.  But, I must have been gripping my teeth so hard out of anger that I gave myself a splitting headache.

After dinner with lovely people…and wine…I’m ok now.  But sleepy.  (So much for my no alcohol until the marathon…)

BUT, I made it to swimming on Wednesday.  And it was great.  And I hope to make it there again tomorrow.  Back with exciting and wonderfulness tomorrow.