So, I pretty much failed at my feb mini goals.  Just like I failed at my Jan mini goals.  The bright side?  I’m hopefully on track to satisfy one of my major goals this month: The sub 3:30 marathon.  I’m a little

But, really, I’m going to do this stuff this month.  Seriously.

  1. Run a sub-3:30 marathon at GA ING on Mar 21. Holy crud, this makes it real.  And scary that I won’t satisfy this goal.  This will likely be my only full marathon this year, save the one run during the IM, so if I don’t do it here, I won’t do it ever. But, my runs have been going well, and I’m mentally tough.  The course is a hilly tough one, but I’m ready.  Bring It. (ok, I’m scared.  But I’m going to fake not being scared…)
  2. Get hooked up with a coach for IM training. In the process of this…now just got to iron out the details.
  3. Get to swim practice at least 2X/wk. 6am practice in a pool is rough.  But I will do it.  I will.  (Not like today where I curled up back in bed in my bathing suit at 5:45am)
  4. TILL, EDGE AND SEED BACK YARD (This has been on my mini-goal list in both Jan and Feb.  It WILL get done…tonight.)
  5. Stick to Budget/Update Quicken every 3 days (This will help at reducing my takeout too…since there is only minimal money allocated towards takeout.)

Ok.  I can handle this.

So, I’m going to whine for a moment.  If you want, you can skip this paragraph and move on.  If you stuck around, thanks.  You may or may not remember Furnacegate 2009.  And today, I came home to overflowing gutters that detached from my house.  Dude, being a homeowner blows.  Don’t let anyone tell you that being a homeowner is part of the American dream.  It’s expensive and stressful and a pain in the butt.  Mutiply that by a hundred if you are a single female first-time home-owner in a new city. WIUBfiyabhfgilanfspsd.  I’m not going to lie, despite being uber-feministy, I do occasionally wish I had a husband to do husbandly things around the house.  But as my daddy tells me, I don’t need a husband.  I can handle this stuff myself.  It’s just a pain in the butt.

I’m also a little afraid that I’m “that” neighbor.   Growing up, there was this house a few down from me that had garbage collecting up to the ceiling of his garage.  It was the eyesore of the neighborhood.  With my gutter separating from my house (it’s not hanging down or anything) and my weedful disgusting backyard, I’m so scared that I’m the eyesore neighbor.  Seriously.  Gosh I hope I’m not.

Ok.  I’m not in a fun or creative mood, so this is short today.  I think it’s the cruddy weather, the tons of work today, and being quite sleepy…also, I have 124912 entries to read in my google reader.  Oy.